“Hotel Window” published in The Ilanot Review 2015

Hotel Window

A train rumbles in the distance, bearing its load toward southern cities.

As its whistle cries, a fog lifts beyond the river. All night long I watch


at the window, a sentinel of the parking lot, a guardian over rooftops

and cars nosed against the curb. Warehouse streetlights keep company,


their steady rays small comfort in the dark. Someone slides a receipt

under my door, slaps a newspaper down while freight cars roll along,


receding past billboards weathered and torn. These rocking rhythms

lull me to bed. Thick white linens embrace my body’s fatigue.


When morning breaks, I’ll head out as well, walk into frosted air,

my breath laced with ice. I’ll drive along creek beds and track lines,


past hillsides. I’ll cross the river, take any throughway

to the town where David waits, standing in the driveway.

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