“Past the Perimeter” published in The Vermillion Literary Project 2015

Past the Perimeter


At the autumn book fair, a frazzled mother

steers a hovel of bronzed, blond children,

sidles up to my table, says, “Poetry?”


Our exhibits of books face the buffet hall,

the wooden dance floor, a curving bank

of arched windows, the peninsula point beyond.


One of her girls is an outlier who lingers.

Her antler velvet eyes, ginger brown, acorn,

search out true north, the one worthy thing.


She gravitates to the lake view, to the sun

on lapping waves, to the far remove.

If I am not to know my grandchildren,


if this wounding is to be eased at all,

it will be through watching this child,

this stranger on the edge, her wandering there.

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